Welcome, This is an archived version of a website made by Daniel Gooding. This is left on-line with the intentions of showing Future audio designers the progression of how his site has changed. The links work, however all of the downloads have been removed to save space on hosting. To visit Daniel Gooding's current website, please Click Here.

A welcome to all new Full Sail University final project students! 

It would make my day if you bookmarked my site now, just in-case you need audio on future projects.




Welcome To SilentComposition.com

- Promising dedicated professional game audio quality, for dedicated independent game developers.  SC.com is determined to deliver professional quality audio to games.  No matter how big or small your project is, SilentComposition.com will ensure your game sounds exactly the way you imagine it. 


- SilentComposition.com is an audio production website dedicated to the independent game developer.  Operated by lead audio producer/composer Daniel Gooding, SC.com offers a clear a definitive answer for better quality independent game music.   With more, and more independent games being released on multiple platforms, the necessity for quality audio is higher than ever.


Message From The Lead Audio Producer

- "Good audio is oftentimes overlooked in games.  The fact of the matter is, people don't realize how much of the story, and game-play would be lost without the emotions created by quality music, or the excitement caused by well designed sound FX.  The player does however notice the audio when it doesn't fit, or is just plain awful.  Far too many games (even professionally made) have disappointed the audience, and now is the  time to change from a gamer "hearing" the game, to gamers "listening" to games.   I hope you will be able to discover exactly what you are looking for, and also much success in your games now, and in the future."  - Daniel Gooding - Silentcomposition.com -