Nov 20, 2010 - Site Reconstruction Madness

So after a series of events which had led me to feel as though my old site layout was a bit dated, and needed updating I shot my buddy an e-mail asking to critique the old site. As I had suspected there was obvious problems with the presentation asthetic. So I pulled up Dreamweaver, and started brainstorming / staring at html code like a seriously intrigued monkey. Many long hours later, and several annoying attempts at finding a better Video Media player, I finally ended up with a rough layout of what I plan to have the site look like eventually. At the time I write this there are still many changes to be made to consider it final, but i'm feeling positive about the results i'm seeing. If you are interested in seeing how my website has changed over the years, here are some links to pages that I have archived. Older, Even Older, Oldest.