Apr 26 2011 - Game Release Updates

When I first set up the news/blog style section on my site, I had done it with the intentions of updating it more often. But with keeping busy, and having non-disclosure agreements on everything I work on, it makes it hard to really talk about things that often. Luckily I reworked my website to be intuative to make easy changes, so I don't have to move everything around whenever I come back every few months to make updates. So here are a few released titles of the many games that I have worked with over the past 5 months.

First up is Colony Defense, a pretty sweet tower defense game developed by Manabomb Studios. It was actually released almost a year ago, I just wanted to put it on here, since I have put it up as one of my in-game SFX videos on the media player. The game featured futuristic styled soundtrack with combination electronica, and military orchestra. I am really proud of the many creature spawn sounds that I was able to put together for the game, using many elements of insect sounds found in nature.

Next up is Squirrellys Nut War another title created by Astound Studios, a Angry birds styled physics based game for windows phone. The Game featured a cartoony music score, and cartoon sfx elements, including cute squirrel, and badger sounds. Yet another opportunity for me to work with cartoon styled SFX, which are always fun.

And finally recently released to x-box live is Duodecad. Duodecad was created by Heavenly Software. It is a trading card style game, which I was asked to create a somewhat heavenly steampunk style. The SFX of the game are simple, yet elegant, with cressendoing harps for card flips, and use of bell sfx in the menu that plays a tune with each movement. I managed to catch this in a review of the game. "The quality of the art, music and the game’s overall polish is well above your standard Indie Game fare and easily justifies it’s price." Always good to catch a good review of your work.


Well what is there coming in the future? Well I'm obligated by law to keep that under wraps. But I can say that you can look forward to seeing some pretty impressive stuff from Espada Entertainment, and also upcoming indie studio Taitale Studios. Along with many other games that are on the way

Also i've added a (Donate) button on the about me page for easier payment from teams.