May 26 2011 - The Great Voice Acting Hunt


I can say that in the past I have never really thought HR was something that would be so difficult and time consuming. But here I am about 30 people deep in e-mails with sample recordings of voice actors/actresses, and a growing number of impressive people with huge amounts of talent it has become much more than I initially imagined.

I have been working with Taitale studios on an upcoming space based RTS game, and finding voice talent early for our Units was apparent. I decided to see what indie talent is out there hungry for action, so I found a couple indie voice acting forums, Voice Acting Club and Voice Acting Alliance and I also posted to the usual heavy trafficed Gamedev.net, and ModDb Being a indie game forum browser myself, I know what stands out, and what gets buried, so I carefully crafted my posts, and sat back, and went about my work. Over the next few days I began getting some replies, for the most part it was simple enough deciding who would work, and who wouldn't.

I began setting up a detailed document with a breakdown of everyone as I got them, with contact info, and links to their samples. Giving breakdowns of samples, and seperating people into catagories of "potential candidates" "backup candidates" and "Save for future projects". In their breakdowns of their samples, I included things like how well their accents were done. (designers were interested in having Non-American accents) how their mic techniques were, was there heavy room-tone, or reverb. Also I made sure to include how much energy, and how well they assumed the role, which was ultimately a very important factor in choosing candidates.

Then just as things slowed down about 5 days in, it happened, like a floodgate blasting open, my e-mail box started raining applicants. Before I knew it I had over two dozen people to send response e-mails to, and having the doc was more, and more a lifesaver. Even as I type this right now, I still have many people to enter into the doc. But at this point it is looking like we will have plenty of awesome voices for our RTS game in the future. And I will never under appreciate a good HR rep ever, for it truly is an important, and difficult process dealing with people so desperate to do what they love.