June 27 2011 - The Magic Toybox - SFX Library Released


Well here it is almost a month after finding all my old toys in the basement, and here they are available for download!!! Yes sir I have been a busy guy this month. Not only did I record everything, I split up the recorded files into 322 different files, and then I went, and designed over 80 sounds with those sounds.

I also had to build a website for them, put together the listing in google docs, and put together all the Paypal stuff, (which i've never dealt with before, but is fairly straight forward)

This project has been a mini revolution in my mind, that even though I am very poor right now, I should be working towards helping people. The library is available "pay what you can", and all proceeds of each purchase over $5 go to Toys for Tots Charity.

All in all i'm pretty satisfied with how this turned out.

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