October 12 2011 - Recent Stuffs- SFX Library/Other


The Midi Factory SFX Library Tutorial Vid


I have been very busy indeed, so busy in fact that I completely missed an update in September when the midi factory SFX library was released. So here it is, and it has done decently in terms of charity raised.

Currently my new deal is finding dedicated hosting for Affordable Audio for Everyone, since it has occured to me that my GoDaddy account has a restriction of 8 Gb, and i'm going to exceed that limit if I keep releasing SFX libraries like I have. Currently my thoughts are to go with greengeeks hosting, which seems to have all the options I need, and doesn't have a raise in price after the first year.


Also I have been spending a good amount of time doing sound design for a startup company Forsaken Studios.

Normally I wouldn't touch an MMORPG from an unknown company with a 40 foot pole, but they really seem to have all their ducks in a row, so i'm hanging out, and helping for the next 6 months, till a definitive yes or no is heard from investors.


Looking forward to releasing my newest library :)