November 04 2011 - MonsterCreatureHero Library is Done!- SFX Library/Other


The Monster/Creature/Hero Library Vid


So for the past 4 months this library has been an insanly time consuming, yet rewarding project. the first two months were strictly casting, and getting the sound clips from the voice actors, but the past two months have been crazy busy. I can't say it wasn't worth it, granted there were some times when I wished I could have taken a bit of a break, but I pulled through, and now it is done. Shizamm. The best part is, when it starts to sell, i'll be able to contribute to preventing animal cruelty, which is awesome. Also, i've done my part to helping out the VA's that I worked with, which is a very nice feeling.

Here is the final Web Page


Other than that, keeping busy with other projects, and brainstorming my next SFX library.