December 03 2011 - "Electrified" library Drops an EMP - SFX Library/Other


The "Electrified" Library Video


So i'm finally starting to feel like i'm getting the hang of this sfx library business. For the first time, i'm getting the odd notion that I might be able to keep myself afloat with these libraries. People are overall loving the combination of quality for prices that make sense. I for one have always felt the model of paying a chunk of money for a single sound effect was kind of broken. Hopefully i'm making a postive impact on the audio quality for indi gaming as a whole. Still I would love to work AAA, but if it doesn't come for me, then I think I might be alright. We shall see.

Here is the final Web Page


Got some ideas for my next library, we shall see if I can pull it off..