March 10 2012 - A bunch of updates, and Other stuff


Been a bit since my last update. Since I keep busy, and don't really think about updating this.

Since my last post, i've made two more libraries,

"Hud Menu Interface"

 "Elements Of Terror"


Turns out the Hud/Menu/Interface library has really been doing well on the Unity store already.


Other than that. wowsers have I been keeping myself active on doing things. Working on this months library, and also working on next months dual libraries at the same time. It's been fun though, since I get to work with voice actors again.

In my down time, i've been playing around with Gamesalad lately. If you haven't used it, it's a simple engine for creating games for people who don't program. Been learning about simple things like booleans, and integers and if statements for cueing up audio. Among many other things.