Nov 17 2012 - Merchants, Enemies, Townsfolk Released


Adding an update. Towards the back half of last month, I released my newest library. Merchants, Enemies, and Townsfolk. It was an awesome endevor with the same crew that I worked with on the Action Rpg library. It is currently available for download, and has been getting some spikes already. :)

"Merchants, Enemies, Townsfolk"


Also worth a major mention. Is I have been regularly working with Taitale Studios, on Novus Aeterno. Things have been getting pretty awesome with the game, and i've been using a lot of the skills i've built up over the months of sound design, and voice casting/editing, to really push the project to the next level with audio. Right now release for the game is looking to be far into the future, but still, the project has been keeping me busy, and lots of fun. Here is the hoping the game goes huge, and the studio keeps on making awesome games in the future. :)