Nov 01 2013 - Work, Libraries, and Life Updates


After a full year of non-updates to my personal site, I felt I should take some time to record some of my progress, and mention some of the neat things that has been happening.

I've been steadily working for Taitale Studios for a year, and a half now, and there has always been new, and interesting challenges to face. The game has gone through so many revisions, it's amazing to see what it has gone from, to where it is now. At this point it seems the team is getting ready to start a Kickstarter campaign to help build awareness, and fund the last small portion of the game, which is exciting. I might get a chance to show off some of the neat sounds i've been making soon enough.

In terms of my personal buisiness, I was able to release a new library. "Sci-fi, beyond the Nebula" Which i'm fairly proud of.



At the moment, I am currently working on a new library to be released hopefully in the next few months, and continue my work with Taitale. Here is to another year of progress, and happy days. :)