Feb 28 2015 - Long overdue Updates.


It has been quite a long year indeed. Much has happened, and I have personally learned a great deal in all aspects of game development.

I learned how to visually script using Unity, and Playmaker, that really empowered me to step beyond just audio, and reach into other aspects. With my buddy Tom, we put together a Snowboarding game called Rocket Snowboarding in our free time using Unity. Which at this time is in the approval phase in the app store, and should be out soon hopefully.


My main amount of work has been with Novus.

With how the team has changed, I've found myself moving to all aspects of game development to adapt. For a good period I found myself working with Luuk on Quest design, and Lore, which tought me a great deal on writing, and aspects of storytelling. . After that I found myself both working UI, and Audio script implementation.. It was definitely outside of my scope, but it is always fun to learn new things, and the team has been really happy with all the changes.

With Audio, I have steadily worked on a lot of the amazing creatures in Novus, also did all the audio for Rocket Snowboarding, including the music, which I had a lot of fun with..


There hasn't been any new SFX libraries this year, as I simply have not had the environment to do something like that anymore. While I do miss it, and the extra income, it's been a very great year in terms of learning, and moving beyond myself as just an audio engineer.