Feb 19 2015- Long Overdue Updates -[Updates] It has been quite a long year indeed. Much has happened, and I have personally learned a great deal in all aspects of game development.......[Read More]

Nov 01 2013- Work, Libraries, and Life updates :). -[Updates] After a full year of non-updates to my personal site, I felt I should take some time to record some of my progress, and mention some of the neat things that has been happening......[Read More]

Nov 17 2012-Merchants, Enemies, and Townsfolk -[SFX Libraries] Adding an update. Towards the back half of last month, I released my newest library. Merchants, Enemies, and Townsfolk. It was an awesome endevor with the same crew that I worked with on the Action Rpg library. It is currently available.....[Read More]

June 26 2012-Action RPG Characters Released -[SFX Libraries] Hasn't been many updates for a while. But it's not a bad thing, but a good thing. Mainly due to being very busy with lots of new projects, and things i've been doing lately. But now the newest library is released, and I figured I should go ahead.....[Read More]

April 03 2012- Lighthearted MiniMagic is released -[SFX Libraries] Well, another month gone by, and another library release. I am pretty happy with how this.....[Read More]

March 10 2012- Some recent updates, and other stuff-[Libraries]Been a bit since my last update. Since I keep busy, and don't really think about updating.....[Read More]

December 30 2011-"Heavy Armored Factory" Mech Fun-[SFX Library] Many things have been in the works of sheer awesomeness. I've been working....[Read More]

December 03 2011 - "Electrified" library drops an EMP - [SFX Library] So i'm finally starting to feel like i'm getting the hang of this sfx library business....[Read More]

November 04 2011 - MonsterCreatureHero Library - [SFX Library] So for the past 4 months this library has been an insanly time consuming, yet rewarding...[Read More]

October 12 2011 - Recent Stuffs/Library - [SFX Library/Other News] I have been very busy indeed, so busy in fact that I completely missed an update...[Read More]

August 11 2011 -TheSonicBeatbox- Library Released[SFX Library] Well I'm slightly late with the update this month, but I have been crazy busy. I've gone from...[Read More]

June 27 2011 -The Magic Toybox -SFX Library Released [SFX Library] Well here it is almost a month after finding all my old toys in the basement, and here they are...[Read More]

June 01 2011 - That's not trash, That's sound design [Foley At Home] O.k. so i'm not advocating digging through trash to find potential sounds, but this last weekend, I was cleaning out the basement at my Mom's house of all my old stuff, and found a nice little treasure trove of sounds. At first I was seperating things into boxes...[Read More]

May 26 2011 - The Great Voice Acting Hunt [Finding Budget Talent] I can say that in the past I have never really thought HR was something that would be so difficult and time consuming. But here I am about 30 people deep in e-mails with sample recordings of voice actors/actresses, and a growing number of impressive...[Read More]

May 07 2011 - Saving Moo Trailer Released [Trailer for my new game] After much anticipation, Chillingo finally released the trailer...[Read More]

Apr 26 2011 - Game Updates [Info, and links to three new games] When I first set up the news/blog style section on my site, I had done it with the intentions of updating it more often. But with keeping busy, and having non-disclosure agreements on everything I work on, it makes it hard to really talk about...[Read More]

Nov 20, 2010 - Site Reconstruction Madness [Adventures in Html] So after a series of events which had led me to feel as though my old site layout was a bit dated, and needed updating I shot my buddy an e-mail asking to critique the old site. As I had suspected there was obvious problems with the presentation asthetic...[Read More]

Nov 15, 2010 - iFind is out! Be sure to take a look [iFind links] Astound studios released it's first windows 7 game "iFind" I had been contacted by Joel Faiella of Astound at the begining of October to put together some Music, and Sfx for them. Overall had a great experience working with them, and had fun making the tracks...[Read More]